Come And Vist Us

The best way to appreciate the true beauty of a place is to experience it, to stand in the center of it and see the views in all directions, to feel the sun on your face and the breezes in your hair. We want you to come to visit us and to see our development for yourself.
Where We Are
Roca Milagro is located near Rovira Arriba, in the province of Chiriqui. The largest city near our development is David, about thirty minutes away by car in a south-easterly direction. Boquete, the famous mountain community, is similarly distanced in a north-easterly direction. About an hour’s drive west is the Costa Rican border.
The country map displayed on this page will show you where we are relative to other Panamanian cities and points of interest. The other map shows how to get to Roca Milagro from Boquete, David or Dolega.
Tour Roca Milagro
We have representatives and partners the Boquete area, speaking both Spanish and English, who will be pleased to take you on a tour of our site. No-one will engage in any high pressure sales. We are a very relaxed group and it will be our great pleasure to meet you and show you around.
Naturally, if you prefer to look around on your own, you should be able to do that too. Using the local map shown to the right (you can click on it to get a larger, printable PDF version) check out the Roca Milagro site in person, then contact us for more information or to reserve your building lot.
When you make the turn at the intersection where Restaurant Mary is located, as shown on the local map, you will be on the road that is being redeveloped by the Panamanian government as the Ruta Sur or Southern Route. It is being widened and repaved and will make getting to Roca Milagro quicker and easier than ever. Eventually, this part of the Ruta Sur will be connected to another part of the road being developed in the Boquete area and heading south, thereby making the trip to Boquete quicker and more direct.
Our development is at an elevation of about 1,500 to 2,000 feet, high enough above sea level to get away from the sweltering temperatures and soaking humidity of the coastal areas. Bring light clothing, sunglasses, and a hat or cap to shield your head from the strong tropical sun. If you visit the highlands of Chiriqui Province, bring a light sweater or jacket since it can be a little cooler in the evening and early morning. Good walking shoes are necessary for your excursions.
Above all, bring a spirit of adventure. Visiting us should be a memorable experience. Don’t forget your camera; you will want to relive your adventures over and over again when you get back home.
Come on down. We look forward to seeing you.