A Bird's Eye View

We thought it would be interesting for you to see what our Roca Milagro development looks like from above. The satellite view displayed here, with an overlay outlining individual building lots and green areas, shows where our site is located relative to the access road from the nearest town of Rovira Arriba and to the Rio David.

The view as shown is to the North. The main gate is located at the upper left of the image where the road from Rovira Arriba approaches our property and then continues on in a southerly direction towards the town of Dolega, about 15 kilometers away.

Waterways at Roca Milagro

The Rio David runs along the northern boundary of our property and is colored blue. The thinner blue line running through the center of the property is of a stream which flows year-round. There is another stream that runs during the rainy season but which is mostly dry the rest of the year. We plan on combining the streams so that they both flow all year round, with a mini-lake at the point where they will converge.

Green is the Color of Serenity

The lighter green areas on the illustration represent parks or 'green' areas. The one closest to the upper left corner is where there will eventually be a guest house where visitors can stay. The large area to the right of that leads down to the rain forest area where residents can hike the trails we have created and enjoy the tree canopy above and the river below. To the right of that is another water-front area that will be suitable for picnics and splashing in the river.

The green area below these, shaped somewhat like a lopsided bottle and bisected by our stream, is an orange grove with 400 orange trees and other fruit trees and pineapples. This is an area where we will construct a gazebo and stone fireplaces and barbeque areas for the residents of Roca Milagro. We also hope to construct a hydroponic greenhouse system there where fresh vegetables can be grown for the residents.

Riding the Trails at Roca Milagro

The green area down towards the bottom of our development is where horses will be grazed and stables will be built for the equestrians among us. Residents will be able to ride out from the Roca Milagro site to the service road along the western border of our property. It is used only by horses and cattle and runs between our site and the town of Dolega. There are many other places to ride as well. The service road is separated from our property by a massive rock wall. Much of the road has large trees along its border, providing shaded areas in which to pause and relax.

If you are a Google Earth user, the co-ordinates to Roca Milagro are:

Latitude: 8°37'5.41"N longitude: 82°28'43.84"W

For a view via Google Maps, please use this link: Roca Milagro