A Sense of The Land

Long before a development like Roca Milagro is ready for individuals and families to purchase a building lot and begin construction of their dream home, there has to be a vision, an overall idea of what the development will look like, what it will offer to its residents and what will set it apart from other developments.

What is the vision behind Roca Milagro?

Our vision is for our residents to enjoy a low-key, natural, quiet, safe, and beautiful community. We want our residents to feel at home in Roca Milagro, whether they live here full-time or only visit once or twice a year.

Many developments begin by bull-dozing the entire land area flat and then ripping out all the trees and vegetation. That approach makes things easier for the developer, but the site then loses the natural beauty of mature trees and natural land features. We want the landscape at Roca Milagro to follow its natural contours. We want mature trees to stay where they have put down their roots. We want the many large rocks that dot our landscape to be appreciated, not taken away. We want the rain forest area of our property, along part of the Rio David, to stay in its natural state. We want to enjoy nature, not destroy it. Naturally, we will groom the land so that it is neat and tidy, but we will do so in a way that complements the natural beauty.

Want more?

We have cut trails into the steep incline that leads down to the Rio David and the rain forest area. There, trees stretch up into a canopy that shades the river flowing below. Bring your binoculars and your camera. Wherever you go at Roca Milagro, from one end of the development to the other, there is natural beauty to enjoy, scenery to photograph, huge rocks to sit on, massive rock walls to marvel over, trails and green areas to hike over. In season, there are oranges and other fruits to pick in our orchard.

Mount up, pardner . . .

Do you like to ride? There is a designated paddock and stable area on the Roca Milagro site. When development is complete, you will be able to grab a bottle of water and a sandwich, saddle up your horse, and mount up. You will be able to choose whether to ride in some of the green areas in our development or along one boundary of Roca Milagro where a rudimentary dirt road runs for miles, all the way to a town called Dolega. There is never any traffic on the road; the only thing you are likely to encounter is an occasional rider like yourself. Perhaps he will be herding a few head of the local Brahmin-mix cattle from one farm to another. Another photo opportunity. Make sure you remember your camera.

Whether you will be a part-time or a full-time Roca Milagro resident, it is good to be active. And when you have tired yourself out and simply want to enjoy some soft breezes and cooler air, return to your beautiful home, pour yourself a drink, get into your hammock or comfortable chair and read a book. Or have a nap.

Enjoy your life in Paradise. Join us at Roca Milagro.