A Million Reason

Why would anyone want to build a second home in another country or even retire there completely? Why would someone leave family and friends and familiar surroundings behind for a place that is new and different?

The reasons can be simple or complex, few or many, and as diverse as we all are as individuals. Maybe we simply want to live somewhere where the weather is warm year round. Perhaps we are looking for a comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price. Maybe we are looking for adventure, the excitement of starting a new life in a new place. Maybe we want to get away from the complication of our competitive lifestyles and to simplify our lives with quality over quantity.

It doesn’t matter what our reasons for changing our lives might be. What matters is whether we will be able to find what we are looking for.

Which Reasons Really Matter?

The world is a complex and sometimes unpleasant place. Is an escape from everything we don’t like or want possible? Is there a perfect place for us to escape to? The answer to both questions is of course no. There is no perfect place on earth. For every advantage a given place might offer, there are disadvantages that we will have to consider in making our decision. We, the developers of Roca Milagro, feel that our development specifically and Panama generally, is as good as it gets. After all, most of us are going to be living here too, for at least part of the year.

We like the climate at Roca Milagro. It is warm during the day and comfortable at night. We like the scenery, the natural beauty of the lush fields and surrounding mountains. We like that we can climb down our hiking trails to the Rio David and watch for birds in our private little rain forest area. We like that we will be able to ride for miles without worrying about traffic and noise.

We like that we can leave the bucolic Roca Milagro neighborhood and in thirty minutes be in either David or Boquete, with shopping, movie theatres, gourmet restaurants and even, if you are having fast-food withdrawal symptoms, McDonalds or KFC restaurants. Beaches are an hour away, at most. Whitewater rafting and zip-line canopy tours are nearby. Quaint villages and wonderful vistas are everywhere, all within easy driving distance.

We like the economic situation in Panama. With the Panamanian Balboa at par with and interchangeable with the U.S. dollar, it keeps things simple. Panama will continue to grow and prosper, especially since it is already a world-famous banking center and is the home of the Panama Canal.

Panama is safe. Crime is low. Panamanians are open and friendly. There is no standing army in Panama, no likelihood of a military dictatorship. Panamanians have had a taste of the good life and they like it. We are sold on Panama and its people and think you will be too.

Join the Roca Milagro community. You’ll be glad you did.