Your Dream Home Here

Don’t you hate it when someone intrudes on your dream? You have something all planned out, perfect for your personal financial reality and timetable, and then you suddenly find that you will have to change it all to meet someone else’s schedule and set of rules. We don’t want to do that to you.

We want to give you choices when you buy your lot to design and build your home at Roca Milagro. We are not a construction company. We have several partners who are building contractors and have also screened architects and independent contractors on your behalf. We will give you options and help you get the best deal and the design and features you want. After all, you are helping us achieve our dream by purchasing a building lot at Roca Milagro and we want to return the favor by helping you realize your dream too.


The photos on this page are of a home built by one of our partners in another part of Panama, not far from Roca Milagro. In the future, as homes are erected at Roca Milagro and as we have architectural renderings available, we will post them here on this site. In the meantime, these photographs will give you a good idea of what is possible in Panama in general and in our development in particular. The cost of the home shown here, depending on the size of building lot you choose, would likely be much less than you think. Ask us for current construction prices per square foot (or square meter, if you prefer) via an email from the Contact Us page on this website.