Health Care In Panama

The availability of quality medical and health services ranks at the top of the selection criteria list for many retirees seeking a foreign retirement destination. Affordable services, top quality facilities, and well-trained professionals are a must. All are readily available in Panama.

David and Boquete

In Chiriqui province, where our Roca Milagro development is located, excellent medical care is at hand. There are hospitals, doctors and dentists and other health professionals, in nearby David. Increasingly, as many more North Americans and Europeans are drawn to the area, there are health services available in Boquete as well. Roca Milagro is less than a thirty minute drive to either center. Just about any service you might require while living in Panama is available and affordable.

Panama City

Many patients come to Panama for dental care or plastic surgery, mostly to Panama City. Depending on the extent of the work that is done, the money that is saved on the cost of the services is usually more than enough to extend the trip into a pleasant holiday, often with funds left over. Cosmetic dentistry is also much more economical in Panama, compared to North American and European prices, sometimes making it possible to save as much as 60%, and is another growing form of medical tourism. Panama City is about a six hour drive from our area, or a pleasant and scenic forty-five minute flight.

U.S. standard health services are available in Panama at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. or Canada. The Punta Pacifica hospital, located in one of Panama City’s most desired residential areas, is associated with John Hopkins Medicine International. This relationship brings some of the top doctors in the world, many of whom were trained in the U.S., to provide medical services on par with the best the world has to offer. Moreover, services are generally provided at 50% or less of the cost in the U.S.

Hospital Nacional is another highly notable private hospital. This modern, private, 80 bed hospital is located just two blocks from the former U.S. Embassy in the heart of Panama City. The hospital’s reputation for excellence has been gained over a 30-year period of providing top quality services. In 1998, a new medical complex was built which boasts the most advanced medical technology and equipment in Central America. Administrative services for the hospital are provided by The Family Hospital Group, a notable Boston based hospital management firm. The hospital is also affiliated with the Harvard Medical Faculty of Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Even public hospitals in Panama have a respectable reputation. For instance, in 2004, Panama City’s Santo Tomas Hospital received a $110 million facelift, and is currently ranked as the best public hospital in Latin America with services on par or surpassing many similar U.S. facilities.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance for foreigners can be obtained through well known groups such as United Healthcare, WorldWide Medical, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Premiums for health insurance for foreigners spending the majority of their time outside the U.S. (but who nonetheless would like the benefit of being able to be treated inside the U.S. as necessary) are notably less expensive than similar policies purchased to cover costs primarily incurred inside the United States. Policies based on local HMO type networks strictly within Panama are even less expensive.