Siegfried J. Pedde
President and Treasurer

Sieg is a businessman in London, Ontario Canada. He started his first businesses at age 17, and currently owns three Canadian companies. He attended the University of Western Ontario from 1967 - 1969, but dropped out because he found business more exciting and satisfying. He is looking forward to the challenge of bringing the Roca Milagro project to fruition. Sieg loves Panama and its people and chose the country to invest in because of its stability, climate and accessibility.

Sieg is married to Chrystyna and has one teenage son, Zachary. Zachary has decided that he wants to become a businessman like his father, and Sieg looks forward to bringing him to Panama whenever he can.

Sieg loves to read, when he can find the time, playing his guitars, photography, and horseback riding. He looks forward to riding the trails in and around the Roca Milagro development.

You can read Sieg's ramblings, and learn about his (mis)adventures, at his personal blog, The Atavist.

Temy Staff
Vice-President, Operations

Temy Staff was born in Panama, in the Rovira Arriba area, but has been living in the United States for over thirty years. He will be selling his property in Virginia and moving back to Panama, where he will build his dream home on the Roca Milagro site. Mr. Staff was the former owner of the land on which Roca Milagro is being developed, and he is now a partner in the development. His skills as a businessman, honed during his years in Arlington, Virginia, will be invaluable as the development of our community progresses. His family ties and his Panamanian friendships help us navigate through the regulatory processes necessary to bring a project like this to life.

Mr. Staff is married, with two sons. He loves to tinker with antique cars. He will be able to indulge his passion for horseback riding at Roca Milagro, and in quiet moments, he will take pleasure in reading and philately.

Philip Schlesinger
Director of Sales and Marketing

Philip spent two years as a volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps in the Panama interior. He subsequently worked in the sales and marketing department of one of the country’s largest developers before starting his own Panama and South Florida focused real estate company (www.philipjamesrealty.com). Philip is a licensed Florida Realtor experienced in both the Panama and Miami markets.

He has an MBA from INSEAD, one of Europe’s most reputable MBA programs, and a Masters in Public Affairs focused on Latin American trade and development from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.

Philip lives in Panama City but travels to the Roca Milagro site as required. He has many professional contacts and associates in Panama and will be pleased to help anyone interested in purchasing property at Roca Milagro.

Wendy Carruthers

Wendy Carruthers has worked for Helix Courier Limited, a Canadian company owned by Roca Milagro president Sieg Pedde, for over twenty years as general manager. Recently, she moved to Collingwood, Ontario from London, Ontario where Helix' offices are located. She is closer to her family in Collingwood and gets to spend precious time with her son and grandchildren. She still travels to London monthly, to keep things running smoothly at Helix Courier Limited. Her position as controller of the Roca Milagro project will be managed remotely, via email, telephone and the internet. Hurrah for technology!

Wendy also manages Phoenix Accrual Corporation and Triad Venture Group Inc., two other companies owned by Mr. Pedde.

Wendy is a gifted manager and is a whiz with numbers and accounting. She helps Mr. Pedde keep tabs on every penny going into and out of the Roca Milagro project. Her talents help make this beautiful residential paradise in the mountains of Panama the success it deserves to be.